You and your three teammates are out for an evening of fun. You are looking for a new place to enjoy yourselves. Something different than the usual same old, same old places you go. You hear music coming from a doorway up ahead and see some flashing lights. A sign by the door reads “Free Admission.” While you are standing outside the door you hear music and laughter coming through the door. It sounds like everything you want… no cover charge, no long line up to get in, laughter and music and something different. The four of you go in. You hear the soft click of the door behind you. One of you turns and tries to open the door, it’s locked. You have no way out except to go through the dimly lit hallway.

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Carnival Room

You and your friends went to an old style carnival looking for something new and fun to do. As you wandered through the crowd your group broke up. It was hard to keep everybody together because everybody wanted to do their own thing. Some were lead off by other people, some wandered off on their own and some stayed with you. Everybody agreed to meet at the fun house at sunset because it was easy to find and you were traveling together.

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Dragon Adventure

Looking for an adventure and something new you and your friends are poking around the ruins of an old castle. While you are wandering around you see a heavy wooden door covered by vines at the base of a broken down tower. You try opening the door but can’t. You call your friends over and show them the door. Working together you pull down the vines so that you can see the door better. You see the words “Beware the dragon” and “All is not as it appears” carved into the door. In the archway above the door you see a dragon carved into the heavy stone. Excitedly you force the door open and you all go in. At first you can’t see much in the dimly lit room. As you stand there the door swings shuts with a heavy thud. You hear the deep rasping growl of a dragon. Frantically you try the door and it won’t open. The room slowly brightens and is lit with a soft glow.

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