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Some of the questions we normally get asked are…

What is House of Teams?
House of Teams is a live action escape room, presented by House of Teams. Players must use observation and critical thinking skills to find clues, solve a series of puzzles, and ultimately, discover the “key” to escape the room within a set time limit.

How long is the game?
Players have 45 minutes to solve the puzzles and escape the room, but count on the entire experience taking about an hour.

How much does it cost?
The House of Teams games experience are $25 + hst per player.

The Ultimate Team Recording Experience is based on a variety of factors. The receive a quote you need to call 705-428-5858 or complete the request form on the Ultimate Recording Experience page. Click here to go to Ultimate Recording Experience page

How many players play at once?
Unlike other locations we allow from 2 (two) to 10 (ten) players at one time.

How old do players need to be?
Generally, anyone over 18 years of age will enjoy the immersive fun of House of Teams . We do not enforce a *minimum age, so if younger participants would like to join a family or group, they are welcome.

How do I make a reservation?
Call House of Teams at 705-428-5858 or complete the online form found on the Room page.

Is it safe?

Are we locked in?
In our version, players are never locked in; you can get out any time you like. We recommend bathroom breaks before the game starts, so you don’t have to leave midway through your game experience.

Can I take photos?
Photos and videos aren’t allowed in the game. Feel free to take pictures outside the room using our fun signs. Don’t forget to share the photos with your friends!

What do we do if we cannot solve the riddles?
You will receive up to 4 hints from our team member to assist you in getting back on the right track.

Where do I leave my belongings while I am in the Escape Room?
Lockers are provided for Customers during the House of Teams Experience.

Who would like this activity?
Anyone who likes solving puzzles, lateral thinking, or having fun! Businesses that want to build team spirit, improve team communication and encourage their teams reveal new skills. Families looking for a different and fun experience.

What puzzles are included in an escape room?
Word, number, common knowledge and electronic technical puzzles are included within our “lock-box” type puzzle escape rooms.

How hard are the escape rooms?
We work to make the rooms fun and challenging without being impossible. House of Teams recognizes that everybody has different abilities and talents and thought processes. Our goal is to have all the team members participate in finding the key to leaving each room.

How long are escape games?
Our facility escape room experiences are a maximum of 60 minutes and most groups escape within 45 minutes. However, some groups escape faster or not at all.

Our mobile escape rooms are 20 minutes long.

How do we book a team function?
When we receive a reservation request either by phone or our online request form one of our team members will contact the organizer to confirm the details and approve the Group Function Reservation.

How many players are allowed in an escape room?
Most of our escape game rooms hold 2 to 10 players. Groups of more than 4 players may take away from the puzzle experience.

How much is admission?
Regular escape game admission is $25.00 + hst per player, per game.
Large group (15+ players) / Corporate discounts are available for Group Function Escape Games.
When do we pay the admission fees?
Admission fees are normally due at the time of your reservation (unless specified).

Is there a security deposit required?
We reserve the right to apply a security deposit to your reservation.

Can we get help if we need it?
Escape Games: Yes, we have help buttons in the room that groups can use as often as they would like. We will provide you with directions and up to 4 (four) hints on how to solve the puzzle, without giving you the answer.

Do I have to sign anything to participate in an escape room?
Escape Games: Yes, a group waiver must be completed by the organizer or an adult prior to the start of the reservation.

What if something is damaged during an activity?
Please tell one of our Team Members if something is damaged during your experience. As long as the damage does not occur due to negligence you will not be held responsible for damaged items.

What if I want to quit during an escape game?
For your safety we do not actually lock the doors during escape games. Players are able to exit the room at any time, without restrictions. If a player leaves the room they will not be allowed to return back into the room, however the rest of the group can continue playing. No refund is available once a game has started.

What is the cancellation policy (or what if we do not show for our reservation)?
The cancellation policy for each of our activities is different. Please ensure you have reviewed the Terms & Conditions you agree to as part of your reservation.

Public Escape Games: 3 hours cancellation notice is required for public escape game reservations. You must call 705-428-5858 to cancel a reservation.

Group Function Escape Games: Reservations cancelled with 8 or more days notice will receive a full refund. Reservations cancelled with 5-7 days notice will be subject to a cancellation charge of 50% of their reservation price. Reservations cancelled with 4 or less days notice not receive a refund.